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Product Explainer: Luxury Silk 'Hair Eyes Face' Set

Product Explainer: Luxury Silk 'Hair Eyes Face' Set

Dr Pod Luxury Silk 'Hair Eyes Face' Set

Dr Poddar - through decades of experience in cosmetics - has developed a deep understanding of the benefits that silk boasts for your hair and skin. These proven benefits inspired her to incorporate Mulberry Silk into one of her core product offerings: the 'Hair Eyes Face' Set.
Hair Eyes Face Silk Set
Here's what you'll find in this luxurious silk set.


Silk Hair Turban


The silk hair wrap can be used throughout the whole day, whatever you are getting up to. Whether you are taking the time to apply your skin care or makeup, or being a domestic goddess cleaning around your rooms, the silk wrap helps keep your hairstyle fresh and protected underneath

It is ideal to pop on when you are winding down at night getting ready for sleeping, to minimise frizziness and bed head when you hit the pillow.

We have designed it with 100% Mulberry Silk on both sides of the cap, outside and in. Each individual strand of silk is woven together carefully to produce a wrap that is beautifully soft and smooth, and is highly breathable through its lightweight design. All of these features make it hypoallergenic for your skin and hair and helps prevent ageing.


Silk Sleeping Mask for Eyes 

With similar effects to the silk hair turban, the eye mask cares for your facial skin through its gentle design.
Whether you are settling down to sleep somewhere unfamiliar on holiday, or soundly in your bed at home, the soft silk eye mask maintains some familiar luxury in your night time routine.
The silk sleeping mask is carefully manufactured using the highest grade (6A) long fibre Mulberry Silk. With a 22 mm thickness, it rests gently over your eyes to help you drift off in comfort and stay relaxed throughout your nights sleep. You'll soon not want to part with this when it comes to laying down for the night.



100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask

The new normal that we are all living in sees face masks forming a core part of our everyday life. Dr Pod, as part of the Silk set, gives you the chance to cover your face safely, and in style.

The luxurious black face masks will quickly become your go-to face covering for going about your day. The neutral black tone matches any outfit you decide to pull on. Not only does it look chic, but the 100% mulberry silk used to produce our face mask has direct benefits for your skin.

Anecdotally, we have all heard about the irritation that some masks can have for your face, especially if you have a more sensitive or oily, spot prone skin type.

This face mask by Dr Pod helps mitigate these irritations from occurring. The gentle silk design helps reduce friction whilst you don the mask, and this can reduce the incidence of dryness or any 'maskne' popping up.


Buy our Silk Hair Eyes Face Set here 

and care for your hair and skin all hours of the day.

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